How long does it take to get PPG trained?

It depends on the individual. Most instructors recommend 5-7 days of training. This can be spread over several weekends, though waiting on weather can complicate things. By far the most difficult part of learning to fly is handling the wing on the ground, which takes hours of practice to become really proficient, and must be mastered before the first attempt to actually fly.

Existing pilots of other types of aircraft may be able to move quickly through some parts of the training (regulations, aerodynamics), but the basic flying of a PPG is completely different from any other aircraft, with little transfer from other types of flying.

Do I need a license to fly a powered paraglider?

No, but training is highly recommended.

Do I need to purchase equipment prior training?

No, you will be trained on rented Paragliding Unlimited's equipment and save yourself thousands of dollars in case you find that the sport is not for you. Paragliding Unlimited is the leading paragliding and powered paragliding retailer /school in Midwest.

We’ve been operating and teaching people to fly since 2003 without any accidents or injury. We offer basic training programs for new pilots who want to learn this exciting and complex sport thoroughly, as well as advanced training for pilots who want to improve their flying skills.

These training programs are divided into Powered Paragliding Basic and Advanced Courses. Our training takes 5-6 days which can be split in 2 or 3 weekends. We are not interested in 3 days wonders and we believe if student have more time to absorbe the material then he or she becomes safer pilot. Paragliding Unlimited is proud member of USPPA and is one of the USPPA recommended schools.

Paragliding Unlimited use enhanced USPPA Syllabus and we have three major rules: Safety, Patience. Fun. We prefer one on one or two students class but we can handle up to 3 people per training class and in some special occasions up to 4 .

At Paragliding Unlimited we ‘re definitely don’t like things to be rushed and our goal is good, solid and safe product/pilot. Paragliding Unlimited is St. Louis Missouri based PPG school and most of the training is performed at Gateway Airpark located in Pierron Illinois which is the most friendly pilot place we ever experienced.