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Learning to fly is one of life's great adventures. And for more and more people today, flying an airplane is one of life's greatest pleasures. This is your opportunity and invitation to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Learn to fly does not have to be rocket science with support of knowledgeable instructor but selecting creditable school may be a bit challenging part of your safe Paragliding or Powered Paragliding training.

You can diminish the challenge by eliminating "uncertified" school's and focus on USPPA certified Instructors and their accredited schools..

This will enable you to enter the world of safe aviation training and fully utilize training syllabus of USPPA and their accredited schools

Look for more information on PU training in our documentation, and stay tuned to the Paragliding Unlimited Blog for more information on new features and development updates.

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Tandem Flight

One of the ways to find out whether you enjoy sport flying is to get in the passenger seat and take it to the sky in tandem with experienced instructor. We operate around St. Louis Missouri and Illinois, right in the heart of Midwest

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If you already made decision that you like to pursue idea of flying, then you can sign up for a training. You can choose from variety of packages. We operate around St. Louis Missouri and Illinois, right in the heart of Midwest.

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